Events/Stories of the Street
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Part of my works as a photographer, has sad to say, taken me to many diverse family celebrations, Israeli versions of traditional festivities, street theater. Every event has its public and private theatrical elements, which this series weaves together in a lyrical fashion, striving to bring into relief both the theatrical and spiritual dimensions. To heighten the tension is to deepen the resolution.

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Once the headquarters of the Palestinian intifada, Hevron is one the oldest, nearly continuous sites of Jewish settlement in Israel. Home to the Cave of the Patriarchs, Hevron is one of the most intense foci of spiritual strife and striving. Encompassing the burial places of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and their spouses, Hevron is of extreme importance to both Jews and Muslims. The facility operates on a time sharing system, which has served to reduce friction, but the site is central to the spiritual competition between Jews and Muslims, and therefore a political flashpoint in the continuing tragedy of Jewish and Arab conflict. Bethlehem (Beit Lehem)
is the burial place of Rachel, beloved first wife of Jacob, her spirit is the beloved guardian of Israel.

Jerusalem, the Eternal City
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Jerusalem is the center of the three monotheistic spiritual traditions Christianity Islam and Judaism and the capital of the modern state of Israel.

Jerusalem is both an ancient and a modern city, struggling to come of age in the 21st century, and home to a family feud of ancient and conflicted cultures. In this work I have become a visual medium of contradiction; the resolution lies ultimately on the spiritual plane, reflected in a diversity of accommodations.

Jerusalem under construction
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Western Jerusalem is undergoing a tremendous surge in building, including a limited light rail track, new buildings, neighborhood expansions, tearing down some of the first buildings to be built outside the old city. Western Jerusalem is re-facing itself, but, the ultimate results of the operation are very much in doubt. This series is still under construction, like many parts of West Jerusalem.

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One of the four holy cities of the Land of Israel, Safed is perhaps the foremost place for Torah learning, meditation, spiritual awakening and striving, long a magnet for artists of all types and stripes. This series is in continuous progress.

Sea Land Scapes
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The complexity of a culture's relationship with the land.

The natural environment, the urban environment, subtly influences our spiritual attentiveness, but it can be consciously cultivated. An ongoing series which visually explores my response to the spiritual demands of living with the natural world.

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When I photograph at night, I find an opening into a world of new perceptions, which  frequently reveal themselves through hiding. Night is a series in which the pictures explore the boundaries between seeing and feeling your way in the dark...

Tel Aviv
(26 Pictures) 

Also known as the city that never sleeps, Tel Avivians call their city the Paris of the Middle East, and like to consider their city as rather cosmopolitan. In fact, Tel Aviv is the first city built from scratch in Israel, and while modled on European conventions, but really, to one who spends time there, it reveals the uniquely Israeli joie de vivre.

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Giverny A village 40 minutes by train from Paris. Where Claude Monet lived and painted in his last years, his garden is for me a living artistic presence.

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